Songs of Hope and Creation

'Songs of Hope and Creation' is a major new modern oratorio. The text has a Christian basis although has a universal message, probably best conveyed by the line 'Do what you can for others while you can.' The piece has immense popular appeal, as is clear from the comments of audience, choir and orchestra members from a performance in Exeter Cathedral in 2009.

"What a triumph of musicianship, communicaton and inspiration not only in the work itself but in everything else involved in your bringing about the performance."

The Exeter Cathedral performance won the national competition run by PRS for Music The Unforgettable Choir which was judged by a panel of music industry experts.

A double CD recording of the Exeter Cathedral performance is available to order.

Vocal and orchestral scores of the whole work, or individual movements, are also available to order. To view a full list of movements, the first page of the full score from each movement and to hear each movement, click here. For details on prices for scores of individual movement, please contact Andrew by email or complete the order form

Scores are available to order for hire or purchase for the full collection and also for individual carols. Vocal scores for a selection of movements are also available for direct purchase/download at Adoramus Music. Please contact Andrew by email for details

Songs of Hope and Creation - Sample Scores and Movements



The Light of Love


Is it I, Lord?


Song of the Three


The Lord's Prayer

People Prepare

A Boy is Born

And Suddenly

Out in a Stable

I Stand in the Darkness

Sing a New Song

They Chase

The Awakening

How is it Possible?

In the midst of life

Nunc Dimittis

Do not despair

The Grace

The Lenten Spring

Full Circle

Thy instruction is wonderful

God is Love - Amen