Andrew is the organist and choir master at his local church in Newton St. Cyres, Devon, although can also often be found playing services, recitals and providing organ accompaniment to choral concerts across the country. He gained his Fellowship of the Royal college of Organists in 1995, and has had lessons from some of the world’s most eminent organists, including David Hill, Peter Hurford and Dame Gilliam Weir. He is frequently asked to play recitals in aid of church fundraising, as his programmes provide an audience-pleasing mixture of Bach, Buxtehude through to jazz medleys and Sousa Marches.

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Toccatas and Marches Played by Andrew Daldorph - Sample Tracks



Théodore Dubois, 1890, Toccata

J S Bach, 1703, Toccata in D minor

Eugène Gigout, 1870, Toccata

Léon Boëllman, 1895, Toccata from Suite Gothique

Charles-Marie Widor, 1879, Toccata from Symphony #5

Purcell, March Handel

Wedding March Felix Mendelssohn, 1845

Lefebure-Wely, 1867, Sortie in E flat

John Philip Sousa, 1895, El Capitan March

John Philip Sousa, 1893, Liberty Bell March